Central Sector Scheme on Conservation, Development and Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants has a component of Marketing wherein Proposals on the following lines from reputed agencies having experience in in the field on medicinal plants will be considered in project mode for commissioning studies:

  • Documenting trade practices
  • Generating information on wholesale prices, arrivals and trends in different markets to benefit both growers and buyers
  • Establishing communication network for speedy collection and dissemination of market data for its efficient and timely utilization
  • Preparing farmer’s advisories and issuing the same for the Benefit of farmers towards optimizing returns
  • Developing Databases of Cultivators and Cultivars
  • Integrating and mainstreaming of Medicinal Plants through call centres including Kisan call centres initiatives of Ministry of Agriculture
  • Putting in place an appropriate pricing regime in respect of produce sourced from wild v/s cultivation in favour of cultivated material so as to encourage cultivation and reduce pressure on the natural resources
  • Streamlining of HS Codes
  • In order to cater to the domestic market needs of ASU industry, promotion of primary producer companies (PPCs) would be taken-up in a focussed manner.
  • Promotion and information dissemination through IT dedicated mechanisms for procurement of MAPs
  • Networked AgriMandis for MAPs
  • Database of Cultivators
  • Contract Extractions (PHM)
  • Speciality Warehousing & Supply Chain development
  • Integration of all Portals with techno Trade Exchange
  • Integration with Krishak Call Centres, KVKs etc.

Eligible Organizations can apply to NMPB where the proposal will go through scrutiny by the Project Screening Committee (PSC) before approval by Standing Finance Committee (SFC)

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