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Largest share of the world population, about 80%, rely on traditional medicines for their primary health care needs which are herbal and healer based. Beside this, viewing the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals, the inclination toward the herbal remedy is also increasing worldwide. In order to meet the increasing demand of quality medicinal plant material for trade and drug formulations both in domestic as well as international market, National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) issupporting Research & Development activity on various aspects of medicinal plants. In this regards the NMPB provides project based financial assistance to various research organization/ institutions for Research & Development on medicinal plants.

Key areas:

  • Traceability of raw drugs.
  • Germination and seed treatment protocols.
  • Population assessments and conservation biology.
  • Collection, documentation, validation, remote Seattleite imaging, compilation etc. for preparation of comprehensive monographs..
  • Bio-activity Guided Fractionation.
  • Development of DNA barcoding, Spectrometry HPLC methods etc. for setting up Botanical Reference Standards.
  • Establishment of quality standards.
  • Ethno-medicinal exploration, documentation and its digitization.
  • Package & practices.
  • Identification of substitutes for traded species for inclusion in Pharmacopoeia.
  • Identification of elite molecules and Bio-prospecting.
  • Studies/Documentation on impact of global warming, various policies and regulatory regimes effecting stake- holders.
  • Marketing, Econometrics, Agro technology and establishment of repositories/gene bank etc.
  • Fellowship support for acquiring M.phil / Ph.D / Post-Doctoral Degrees in the field of medicinal plants.

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Research and Development Projects Supported by NMPB

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